The Compounders Group                                        
The purchasing organization by compounding pharmacists,
for  compounding pharmacists.


The key to the success of TCG is the group's ability

to create leverage to compete in today's market.  The group was founded by several prominent compounding pharmacists that saw an opportunity to save compounding pharmacies, including their own, a great deal of money.  With this added savings, new resources are available to grow their businesses.

Our membership consists entirely of compounding pharmacists from across the country whose objective is to obtain discounts not available to individuals on products and services, such as chemicals, supplies, shipping rates, & lab testing services, to name a few.  We are constantly expanding our membership and seeking new members that are in need of a way to stay competitive in today's tough marketplace. 

Our Vision:    
To provide maximum cost savings on products and services for our compounding pharmacy members.

Our Mission:
TCG gives our members the best opportunity for profitability by lowering the cost of goods; providing access to a wide variety of products and services

Our Values:
- Collaboration
- Integrity
- Leadership
- Quality
- Value

Advisory Board:
- Matt Buderer, RPh, FIACP                                        
- Richard Moon, PharmD, RPh, FIACP                      

- Dana Reed-Kane, PharmD, FIACP                                                   
- David Rochefort, RPh
- Patricia Stephens, PharmD 

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