TCG Welcomes BlueFlower®

The Compounders Group is pleased to welcome our newest vendor BlueFlower®. BlueFlower® is a premier and trusted provider of essential oils and natural wellness products.

After suffering through years of GI issues, founder Gazelle Hashemian was introduced to essential oils and began her journey to learn more. After experiencing dramatic improvements in her own personal health, Gazelle began her journey to offer high quality products to others and BlueFlower® was born.

BlueFlower® offers a unique approach to self-care, one that is grounded in human touch and meaningful connections. Born out of a need to stay grounded in a world reliant on technology, BlueFlower exists to help its customers remain centered and connected to ourselves and the people around us.

BlueFlower collection of products include premium essential oils, essential oil rollers, and elegant accessories. Their essential oils are pure, non-GMO, and therapeutic grade. BlueFlower’s Chakra Diffuser Bracelets are loved by women and men. They work great as a diffuser while offering classic charm and delivering great energy to you via the gemstones.

According to a recent NIH Study, Americans spent $30.2B annually on complementary health approaches. Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic medicine fall in this category. Make sure your pharmacy takes advantage of this opportunity to do good for your customers and do well for your business!