TCG Welcomes BioProtein Technology

BioProtein Technology is a manufacturer of natural liquid supplements designed to improve sleep, balance hormones, increase libido and aid recovery. Our professional line, only available to licensed healthcare professionals, is now being offered to select compounding pharmacies. Unlike other professional supplement lines that surround your pharmacy everywhere you turn, our line is rarely seen outside a doctor’s office.

Whether your patients are already living a healthy lifestyle or they are about to begin a life-changing journey, we carry the products to help meet your goals and ambitions. Our all-natural product line will help you with your energy levels, weight loss, recovery, mental focus, libido and more.

What sets us apart in this sometimes confusing, over-saturated industry? The secret to our robust product line is the key ingredient we use in all our products; velvet antler extract (VAE). VAE is a raw superfood made up of 18 bio-identical growth factors. These non-synthetic, protein-based structures contain the all-impressive IGF-1 growth factor.