The Compounders Group                                        
The purchasing organization by compounding pharmacists,
for  compounding pharmacists.


As a member of The Compounders Group, your benefits begin as soon as you are accepted. We work diligently to provide you with the best possible service at the least cost.  Lowering your business costs are our first priority as these costs can make up more than 80% of an individual pharmacy's total cost.

Your membership will bring your pharmacy various benefits such as:
- Improve profitability
- Group purchasing power - creates large discounts!
- Save without sacrificing quality
- Save on supplies, shipping rates, lab testing, chemicals, and equipment, along with so much more
- We negotiate for you
- Support your profession
As time goes on and TCG acquires more members, our buying power will get stronger and stronger... meaning that your costs will continuously decrease.  Again, our first priority is to get our members the lowest prices we possibly can.

Click here to download a complete list of vendors and a membership application. 

Member Testimonials

I joined TCG because I think it will help my business; bottom line. This new venture is highly unusual in that it is bringing together 'independent pharmacists' and coordinating efforts to negotiate better benefits for the good of the group. How many times do we see pharmacists co-orporate on anything with other pharmacists? TCG's full time activities will be directed toward having a staff that will 'pay attention' to product and services pricing along with business negotiations for the membership. I do think it is about time that we combined our considerable buying power to benefit our individual businesses! I have known the members of the advisory council for a long time and only have the highest regard for their; professionalism, willingness to share with others, leadership capabilities such as participation with colleges as faculty and preceptors plus holding significant positions with International Organizations that promote our profession (all on their own dime). I am proud to call them colleagues and friends. It with a great deal of confidence and hope that I endorse membership in this elite group of pharmacists.

Sam Pratt, R.Ph., FIACP

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