The Compounders Group                                        
The purchasing organization by compounding pharmacists,
for  compounding pharmacists.

TCG works with vendors that supply goods and services to compounding pharmacies across the country.  Although the vendor may already have a relationship with a compounding pharmacy, membership in TCG provides greater discounts and collective bargaining for its members.  TCG also helps to identify vendors who provide discounts to pharmacies that you may not be aware of.

If you are interested in becoming a TCG Vendor, please go to Contact TCG.

If you are interested in suggesting a Vendor for TCG, please to go Contact TCG.  Your suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Our current Vendors include:
- Acacia Pharmacy Products
- Acta Medical  

- Air-Tite
- Air Science
- American CleanStat, LLC
- American College of Apothecaries
- Apothecary Products
- API Solutions
- Attentus Medical
- B&B Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
- BioHealth Laboratory
- Blue Thunder Technologies
- ChitoRhino™
- CleanroomConnection
- Compound One Pharmaceuticals
- Cynmar
- Dash Medical Gloves
- Ditch Your PPI
- Drug Package, Inc.
- Eye Solutions Technology
- FedEx
- Ferrin Medical
- Glu-Pro
- Goose Grease
- Gramp Lyford's Country Salve
- Harvard Drug Company
- ICA Health  - Dr. Wilson's Original Formulations
- Iverson Genetics
- Labrix
- Letco Medical
- Marketing Medicine
- Merit Pharmaceutical
- Metabolic Code System
- MiddlesexMD
- Nasopure
- Natural Partners
PERC (Pharmaceutical Education & Research Center) at Campbell University
- Pestle Compliance Management Software
- Pharmetric Laboratory
- Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply
- Pharmacy-Lite Prescription Packaging
- Prescription Supply Inc.
- Providence Packaging
- Prudential Cleanroom Services
- RP Returns
- Rx Systems
- Sentry Air Systems
- Share it with Scherra Marketing Solutions, Inc.
- Shipment Trackers
- Specialized Rx Products, Inc.
- Spectrum Pharmacy Products
- Staples
- Storey Marketing
- SystemJo/Dona
- Telomere Biosciences
- Total Pharmacy Supply
- US Micro Solutions
- Voigt Global Distribution
- W.B. Mason Office Supply

- and many more to come!
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