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Members Only Seminar                  

We can't wait to see you in Cleveland for TCG 2017!

The Metropolitan at the 9
July 28-29, 2017

Highlights from our agenda include:

Raising Your Personal Level of Performance & Growing Your Business with Outstanding Patient Care -  Speaker: Glenn Gelabert Do you even wonder what separates the highest achievers from everyone else? Is it hard work, education and maybe a little bit of luck? This session will help you raise your personal level of performance and ensure you are the high achiever you were meant to be. (Each attendee will receive a copy of Mr. Gelabert’s CD and one month of online support free).

New Opportunities for Compounding Pharmacists, Working with Other Entities – Speaker: David Miller – exploring new opportunities for compounding pharmacists and ways to help you improve your business opportunities by looking to places you might not expect.

Change Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, cGMP, Training & Education resources and CE resources
 – Speaker: Jerry Eubanks -    How can you effectively document in an electronic format the processes of Change Management and Continuous Quality Improvement/ Performance Improvement which are important requirements in a quality systems concept for cGMP and accreditation and the USP.

How to Bring a Product to Market
 – Panelists: Gene Gresh, Ryan Gresh and Eric Holgate – If you have ever considered bringing one of your products to market, this session will give you unique insight from TCG members who have made this a reality.

Creating Healthier Lives
 – Speaker: Rich Moon – Opinions vary on the best way to fuel your body for optimal health. Learn proven science based methods to help guide your patients to a healthier life.

Clinical Insights with Matt - Speaker: Matt Buderer - Join us at Matt Buderer shares what's on his mind.You won't want to miss your chance to hear from one of the brightest in the profession!

Case Studies – this is one of the highlights and highest rated sessions! Worth the price of admission alone. Attendees come together to share what is really working for them, formulas and marketing ideas in this informative session.

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